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For Your Convenience, Please Feel Free To Call Or Fax Your  "To Go" Order In Advance.


Edamame - Steamed soybeans with sea salt.   $5.99
Kimchi - Homemade spicy picked nappa cabbage.  $5.99

Tako Yaki - Baked Battered Octopus balls with bonito flake, dried seaweed.   $5.99

Daika Pancake - Served with homemade sauce.   $5.99

Gomaae - Boiled spinach with sesame sauce.   $6.99

Tempura Vegetable - 6 pieces.   $6.99

Tempura Shrimp - 3 pieces battered shrimp.   $6.99

Beef Teriyaki Taco - Beef, carrots, cheese, corn, beans, onion.   $7.99

Pork Chashu - Stewed pork with scallion.   $7.99

Soft Shelled Crab Tempura - Lightly battered fried soft shelled crab.   $10.99

Haru Maki - Fried veggie spring roll.   $4.99
Gyoza - Choice of pan fried pork or spicy beef, or chicken or vegetable dumpling.   $5.99
Shumai Or Wasabi Shumai - Steamed shrimp or wasabi pork.   $5.99

Horenso - Sauteed spinach with garlic sauce.   $6.99
Agedashi Tofu - Lightly fried tofu with bonito flakes, dried seaweed, with special sauce.   $6.99
Broccoli With Garlic Sauce - Broccoli with our special sauce.   $6.99
Beef Negimaki - Thinly sliced beef wrapped with scallion in teriyaki sauce.   $9.99



Misoshiru - Soybean broth with tofu, wakame and scallion.   $2.99
Suimono - Clear soup with mushroom, scallion and fried onion.   $2.99

Shiro's Wonton Soup - Pork wonton in a clear bonito broth with black seaweed, scallion and sesame oil.   $4.99
Kinoko Soup -Shiitake mushroom, enoki, white mushroom, broccoli in special broth.   $5.99
Chicken Gyoza Soup - Gyoza in a clear bonito broth with black seaweed and scallions.   $5.99

Garden Fresh Salad - Homemade ginger dressing.   $4.99
Green Seaweed Salad.   $6.99
Duck Hoisin Salad
- Fresh greens lightly tossed in wasabi vinegar, julienne cucumbers, topped with roasted pine nuts and pan seared Long Island duck.   $10.99

...Poke Bowl

Salmon Citrus Poke - Yuzu ponzu, avocado.   $12.99
Salmon Aioli - Jalapeno aioli, cucumber.   $12.99
Ahi Sesame Poke 
- Greens with tuna, avocado secret sesame sauce.   $13.99

All Poke Bowls come with seasoned rice, pineapple, red radish and mixed greens.


Chicken   $7.99
Pork   $7.99

Breaded & deep fried meat, vegetable on skewers.

...Sushi & Sashimi A La Cart

Sushi Platter - 7 piece sushi and California roll.   $18.99
Sashimi Platter - 15 piece sashami.  $22.99

Tricolor Sushi   $24.99

Tricolor Sashimi   $26.99

Chirachi - A variety of fish.   $26.99

Roll Combination - Tuna roll, salmon roll, California roll.   $15.99

Super Cali Roll Dinne   $13.99

Sushi & Sashimi Combo - 5 piece sushi, 9 piece sashimi & yellowtail roll.   $29.99

Shiro Sushi & Sashimi Boat

...For 2   $68.99

...For 3   $90.99
...For 4   $118..99

Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase the risk of food-borne illness. Sushi has become increasingly popular in Massachusetts.


"Done correctly...the safety of sushi can be assured" - Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Tuna   $5.99
White Tuna   $5.99

Yellowtail   $5.99

Salmon   $5.99

Stripe Bass   $5.99

Fluke   $5.99

Mackerel   $5.99

Red Snapper   $5.99

...2 Pieces Per Order - Sashi Add $1

Bonito   $5.99

Salmon Roe   $6.99

Flying Fish Roe   $5.99
Wasabi Tobiki   $6..99

Sea Urchin   $8.99

Squid   $4.99

Shrimp   $4.99

Smoked Salmon   $5.99

Octopus   $5.99

Egg Custard   $3.99

Inari   $3.99

Eel   $6.99

Jump Sweet Shrimp   $9.99

Tuna Toro   Market Price

Pumpkin   $2.00

Asparagus   $2.00

Eggplant   $2.00

Onion   $2.00

Quail Egg   $3.00

Shitake Mushroom   $3.00

...Sushi Special

Shiro-Tartar - A stacked tuna sashimi and avocado salad garnished with cucumber, radish & tomato. Finished with a sweet miso glaze.   $11.99
Shiro-Tini - A delicate blend of all your favorites - tuna, whitefish, salmon, seaweed, cucumber, and Japanese panko crumbs lightly tossed, topped with tobiko served in a martini glass.  $10.99

Yellowtail-Citron - Yellowtail sashimi drizzled with an olive oil, citron and garlic infusion, accompanied by a delicate seaweed salad.   $11.99

Isob-Eage - Tuna, crab & avocado tempura in a seaweed roll with spicy mayonnaise & caviar.   $9.99

Monster Roll - Spicy tuna inside, topped with avocado and eel, sprinkled with masago & eel sauce.   $13.99

Ozawa Roll - Seared bonito & avocado inside, topped with spicy tuna, green scallions, sweet cream wasabi sauce.   $13.99

Tango Mango Roll - A simple roll that dances in your mouth, with the combination of yellowtail inside/out in the company of mango slices on top.   $12.99

Lobster Tempura Roll - Lobster, scallion inside/out with avocado & caviar.   $17.99

Eel Dragon Roll - Eel, cucumber inside/out with avocado.   $13.99

Shrimp Dragon Roll - Shrimp tempura inside/out with eel & avocado.   $14.99

Call From Sea - The king of rolls, inside/out succulent crab tempura, spicy tuna with fresh green and avocado, sprinkled with a rainbow of caviar.   $18.99

Screaming "O" Roll - Cream cheese, tuna, avocado, crab rolled tempura style; topped with Fire Kind Chef's secret spicy sauce.  $10.99

Sweet Averi Roll - Laced with avocado and eel tempura style, colorfully topped with king crab and tobiko, in a pool of magical sauce.   $13.99

Rock 'N Roll - Spicy white tuna, topped with seared tuna, sriracha.   $13.99

...Cooked Rolls & Fish Rolls

Cucumber Roll   $4.99
Avocado Roll   $4.99

Asparagus & Crab Roll   $5.99

Seaweed Salad Roll   $5.99

Sweet Potato Roll - Battered fried sweet potato.   $5.99

Salmon Skin Roll - Grilled salmon skin & cucumber.   $5.99

Futo Maki - Cucumber, squash, pickles, egg & caviar.   $7.99

Garden Roll - Mixed vegetables.   $6.99

California Roll   $5.99

Spicy California Roll   $6.99

Philadelphia Roll - Smoked salmon, cream cheese & scallion.   $6.99

Eel & Cucumber Roll   $7.99

Boston Roll - Shrimp, caviar, lettuce & Japanese mayonnaise.   $7.99

Shrimp Tempura Roll   $10.99

Spider Roll - Fried soft shell crab.   $10.99

Tuna Roll   $5.99

Salmon Roll   $5.99

Yellowtail With Scallion Roll   $6.99

Spicy Salmon Roll   $6.99

Spicy Tuna Roll   $6.99

Spicy Yellowtail Roll   $6.99

Alaska Roll - Salmon, avocado, cucumber.   $6.99

Crispy Spicy Salmon Roll   $10.99

Crispy Spicy White Fish Roll   $10.99

Rainbow Roll - Crab meat, avocado, cucumber inside/outside with fresh fish.   $13.99

Shiro Special Roll - Special white seaweed out/inside tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallion & caviar.   $16.99


Steamed Vegetables   $14.99

Teriyaki - Choice of chicken or salmon.   $17.99

Teriyaki - Choice of shrimp or beef.   $18.99

Tuna Steak - Grilled tuna & vegetable with teriyaki.   $19.99

Hibachi Fried Rice - Stir fried rice with chicken, vegetables.   $12.99

Pineapple Fried Rice - Stir fried rice with chicken, shrimp, vegetables.   $13.99

Add miso or clear soup or salad for $1.99.


Chicken Curry - Japanese curry simmered with onion, potato, carrots, over rice.   $13.99

Beef Curry   $14.99

Katsu Ju - Breaded pork, vegetables, eggs, over bed of rice.   $14.99

Unagi Ju - Broiled eel over a bed of rice.   $16.99

Rice Bowl.


Tonkotsu Ramen - Pork katsu, kikurage mushroom, bamboo shoots, soft-boiled egg, fish cake, seaweed in tonkotsu soup.   $13.99

Sho-Yu Ramen - Pork-belly chashu, bamboo shoots, scallion, soft-boiled egg, fish cake, seaweed in shoyu soup.   $13.99

Cashau Ramen - Pork-belly chashu, bamboo shoots, scallion, soft-boiled egg, fish cake, seaweed in miso soup.   $13.99

Yaki Udon Or Soba - Stir fried noodles with vegetable, chicken.   $13.99

Tempura Udon - Noodles in special soup with 2 shrimp tempura..   $14.99

Seafood Udon Pot - Clam, shrimp, scallop, cabbage, mushroom and snow peas all cooked in a large hotpot of clear broth with a lemon wedge.   $16.99

Sesame Soba Noodles - Chef's special sauce with cucumber, carrots, nori on top.   $12.99

Hibachi Noodles - Stir fried noodles with vegetables, chicken.   $12.99

*Can substitute buckwheat or egg noodles.

...Yakitori Or Yaki Combo

Beef   $2.50

Chicken Fillet   $2.25

Chicken Thigh/Scallion   $2.25

Chicken Meatball   $2.50

Pork   $2.25

Shrimp   $2.75

Quail Egg   $3.00

Squid   $2.25

Squid Legs   $2.25

Grilled meat, vegetables or seafood on the skewer.

Fish-Cake   $2.75

Scallop With Bacon   $3.75

Asparagus With Bacon   $2.75

Tomato With Bacon   $2.75

Enoki With Bacon   $2.75

Chicken Wing   $2.75

Spicy Pork Sausage   $1.25

Mini Chicken Sausage   $1.25

Hot-Dog   $1.25

Asparagus   $2.00

Eggplant   $2.00

Garlic   $2.00

Onion   $1.75

Green Pepper   $2.00

Shaiitake Mushroom   $3.00

Tofu Skin With Cilantro   $2.50

Tofu Skin With Enoki   $2.50

Tofu Sausage   $2.75

Beef, Chicken-Scallion, Pork, Chicken-Meatball, Chicken Fillet  -  $11

Green Pepper, Onion, Asparagus, Eggplant, Shiitake Mushroom  -  $10

Shrimp, Fish-Cake, Chicken-Meatball, Quail Egg, Squid  -  $12


Create Your Own Dinner - ANY 5 Yakitori With Hibachi Fried Rice Or Hibachi Fried Noodles For  -  $19

...Drinks (Beers)

Draft Beers

Sapporo   $6

Kirin   $6

BBC IPA   $5

Steel Rail Ale   $5

PBR   Glass   $3

PBR  Pitcher   $10

Domestic Beers

Budweiser   $4

Bud Light   $4

Coors Light   $4

Sierra Nevada   $4

Blue Moon   $4

Imported Beers

Orion   $7

Asahi   $5

Heinekin   $5

...Drinks (Sake)

Sake Flight - 3 Sake Cups Of Premium Cold Sake - $7

Chaokara, Kaori, Pearl (unfiltered)

Tokkuri Of One Above - $10 (S)   $12 (L)

Yamadanishiki - $10 (S)   $12 (L)

Tokkuri Of Hot Sake - $6 (S)   $9 (L)

Momokowa Pearl Nigori - $28 (750ml)

Snow-Beauty - $20 (300ml)

Okunomatsu Gingo G2 - $14 (300ml)

Karatamba Dry Wave - $14 (300ml)

Hanaomai Extra Dry - $12 (300ml)

Gekkeikan Cap Ace - $8 (180ml)

...Drinks (Wines)

White Wine

Cono Sur Sauvignon Blanc   $7 (G)   $25 (B)

Chateau Michelle Chardonnay   $7 (G)   $25 (B)

Noble Vines Pinot Grigio   $7 (G)   $25 (B)

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling   $7 (G)   $25 (B)

Choya Plum Wine   $7 (G)

Mionetto Prosecco (Sparkling)   $8 (B)

Red Wine

14 Hand Merlot   $8 (G)   $30 (B)

Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon   $8 (G)   $30 (B)

Red Diamond Malbec   $7 (G)   $26 (B)

(S) Small - (L) Large

(G) Glass - (B) Bottle

...Drinks (Cocktail Specials)

Spiked Lemonade - Dragon Berry, or Limon, or Raspberry   $6

Blue Hawaiian - Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, lime juice and garnished with orange slice   $8

...Drinks (Cocktails)

English Garden - Hendricks Gin, apple juice, St. Elder Liqueur, lime juice and slices of cucumber.      $12

Pome Martini - Absolute Citron, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, Cointreau, pomegranate juice.    $12

Ginger Cosmo - Absolute Citron, Domaine de Canton Ginger Cognac, Combier, splash of lime juice and a splash of ginger ale.   $11

Texas Sipper - Tito's Vodka, St. Elderflower Liqueur, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, topped with club soda.   $10

Sake-To-Me - Sake, orange juice, lemon juice and ginger liqueur.   $10

Japanese Slipper - Melon liqueur, Cointreau and lemon juice.   $9

Geisha Kiss - Raspberry vodka, peach liqueur and cranberry juice.   $9

Tsunami - Lemon rum, Blue Curacao, Sprite, splash of pineapple juice.   $8

Cuban Mojito - White rum, club soda, mint leaves, lime juice and sugar.   $8

Karate Punch - Vodka, apricot brandy, triple sec, sour mix, orange juice and grenadine.   $8

Mai Tai - Light rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, triple sec, lime juice and cherry garnish.   $8

Margarita - Tequila, triple sec, lime juice, sour mix.   $8

...Drinks (Sake Cocktails)

Confucius Confusion - Premium sake, raspberry vodka, cranberry juice & splash of lime juice.   $10

Sake Martini - Premium sake with gin or vodka.   $8

Samurai - Plum wine with vodka.   $8

...Drinks (Teas)

Teas - Choice of oolong tea, jasmine tea, green tea, lemon-ginger tea, orange-spice tea, pomegranate-raspberry tea, ginseng tea, mango passion fruit tea.   $2.50

...Drinks (Soft Drinks)

Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Club Soda - Free refill.   $2.95

Japanese Soda - Lchyee, strawberry or original.   $2.95

Sparkling Water, Pink Lemonade, Root Beer, Peak Tea - Bottle.   $2.95

Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice, Orange Juice - Glass.   $2.95

Before ordering, please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy.


For parties of 6 or more, an additional 18% gratuity may be added.  No seperate checks please.


Prices subject to change without notice.


Click Here For a Printable Menu.

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